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What I do

Are you new to special education? A new diagnosis, or maybe you feel like you need to initiate a evaluation with your school district?  Maybe you already have a great team, but feel like your child needs more. I am here to listen, advocate, and coach you on this journey.  

I Coach.

Coaching can mean many things, but for me it’s empowering you to make the best decisions you can for your child. Even if you only need someone to assure you that you are right on track, I am here to help you be the best voice you can be on the most important team there is for your child. 


I Teach.

Join me for a parent workshop, I cover several topics, from IEP planning to building your sensory diet at home. Check out my calendar so you can attend my next session! 


I Advocate.

I am passionate about helping students succeed! Most of the time there is always a solution to every problem, let me help you find that solution! 


Need advice?

Maybe you aren’t sure what you need, that’s ok! We can start at the beginning together, this time with someone helping you realize your goals for your child. Today we can take the first step to improve your relationship with your child’s team! 

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    Alli is thoughtful and insightful when listening to your concerns and is able to provide actionable advice without being condescending or overbearing. She makes you feel comfortable and like you have an ally in the success plan for your child.

Tracie B.

My story

Having a passion for special education began long before I had my own special needs child, but everything changed with that spunky little guy! Everything I thought I knew was quickly rewritten when I was sitting on the other side of the table with ALL of the emotion that comes with meeting after meeting.  I truly believe in public education and the incredible power of working as a team to help children succeed! Together we can take the struggle out of special education, and empower you and your team to make the best decisions for your child. 


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